Nutribio N ®

Probiotic and fertiliser that fixes atmospheric nitrogen.

Organic Agriculture authorised biofertiliser that supplies nitrogen to the crops, promoting their growth while regenerating and revitalising the soil. In addition, Nutribio N works on all kinds of crops, colonising the rhizosphere and penetrating within the plant via the leaf and root, as it contains an endophytic strain. Although its use is recommended especially in broadacre crops.

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What are the advantages

  • Contains endophytic (root – leaf) strain Azotobacter salinestris – CECT 9690.
  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation applicable in broadacre crops.
  • This nitrogen goes directly into the plant; it is not leached, lost in the soil, or volatilised. The source of nitrogen for Nutribio N is the atmosphere, which contains 78% in the form of N2.
  • Probiotic Action, revitalises the soil and the microbiome of the rhizosphere and plant, improving biological fertility with more vigorous, healthy, and productive soils.
  • Possibility of reducing nitrogen fertilization in extensive crops. Increased production even when reducing the units of chemical nitrogen fertilisers.
  • Biostimulant effect that favours plant tolerance to abiotic stresses and enhances the crop quality.
  • Ease of use thanks to the low doses necessary and the versatility of application: soil (fertigation), foliar (broadcast and localised applications), seed treatment, covering of granulated fertiliser, mixtures with liquid fertilisers, etc.
  • Good compatibility with most fertilisers and agrochemical normally used. Consult the Technical Department for more information.

Presentation: Wettable powder (WP)

Packaging: 25 g, 50 g, 250 g.

The strains used in Nutribio N are stored in international type culture collections, safeguarding the know-how developed by Ceres Biotics. This also ensures traceability and security.

Proven efficacy for your crops – Our experience

Nutribio N is successfully marketed in various countries and various agricultural conditions for broadacre crops.

The biological nitrogen fixation and biostimulant action of Nutribio N have been scientifically proven in our laboratories through a highly reliable battery of microbiological analyses. In addition to the tests carried out by our technical department, efficacy evaluation trials on pepper and melon were run for registration purposes, and these also returned excellent results.

Biological nitrogen fixation test

Tests in our laboratory have verified the nitrogen-fixing ability of the strain Azotobacter salinestris no. CECT 9690, found in Nutribio N. The turbidity shows its ability to grow in a N-free medium (tube 2), compared with a medium with N (tube 3), and the control (tube 1).

Efficacy evaluation trials for registration

The official field trials that Ceres Biotics contracted from an accredited entity, show that the use of Nutribio N increases the maize yield with respect to the control treatment (conventional fertilisation).

All our experience is at your disposal so you can find out more about the best solution for your needs.

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