Contains Bacillus megaterium – CECT 9689 – strain that delivers a wide mode of action.

Micropull contains rhizospheric and endophytic probiotic inoculants that fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus blocked in the soil and mobilize potassium. This effect is stimulated by the incorporation of bioactivators.

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What are the advantages

  • Biological fixation of Nitrogen (N), solubilization of Phosphorus (P) and mobilization of Potassium (K) applicable to all kind of crops.
  • Faster visual effects due to mixing with prebiotics.
  • Improves tolerance to abiotic stress situations (extreme temperatures, drought) and effectiveness in difficult situations (eg poor water quality, low organic matter content).
  • Authorized in Organic Agriculture (certification Sohiscert nº MA434PAE-07).
  • This product fulfills the requirements to be listed as Fertilizers, composts, soils and technical materials in the “Input List for Demeter International” and the “EU Input List“.
  • Revitalizes soil and rhizosphere microbiome, acting in the most important nutritional crop cycles and creating more alive, healthy and productive soils.
  • Complement to conventional fertilization. Its versatility when acting on the main nutrients of the plant (N-P-K) allows reducing the fertilizer units from mineral sources.
  • Ease of handling, low doses and versatility of application: soil (fertigation) and foliar (broadcast and localized) applications, seed treatment, etc.
  • Good compatibility with most commonly used fertilizer and agrochemical. Consult the Technical Department for more information.

Presentation: soluble liquid (SL)

Packaging: 1 L and 5 L.

The strains used in Micropull are stored in international crop-type culture collections, safeguarding the know-how developed by Ceres Biotics. This also ensures traceability and security.

Proven efficacy for your crops – Our experience

Micropull is marketed in various countries (Spain, Poland, Latvia, Romania, etc.) and under different agronomic conditions in all kinds of crops (annual, horticultural, orchards, vineyard, etc.).

The PGP (Plant Growth Promoting) action of Micropull has been scientifically tested in our laboratories using a battery of highly reliable microbiological analyses. In addition, the effect of bioactivation from prebiotics used has also been verified in each of the strains, confirming the increase of their activity after 24 hours under controlled conditions.

Efficacy trials

Fields trials under prolonged drought conditions in Poland have shown an increase in the yields of different horticultural crops when compared to the control treatment (conventional fertilization).


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