Biotechnology Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

One gram of our product is full of life for your crops

Nutribio N®

The latest generation fertilizer, formulated with endophytic microorganisms able to fix atmospheric nitrogen and provide it to the plants. Nutribio N acts on all kinds of crops, colonizing the rhizosphere and penetrating inside the plant.

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Multi-function fertilizer for fixing atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizing phosphorus and mobilizing potassium in the soil. Simbiotic is formulated with microorganisms that, in addition to promoting plant growth, revitalize and regenerate the soil microbiota.

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Innovation in crop nutrition

Ceres Biotics is a pioneering biotechnology company focused on agriculture, with its own R&D in the fields of:

  • Probiotics that improve soil health and enrich the plant microbiome.
  • Formulations based on endophytic microorganisms that respect both the environment and human health.
  • Integrated fertility management using new technologies and solutions.
  • The use of cutting-edge technology to obtain solid biofertilizers with a long expiration date.
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vídeo probióticos para cultivos


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