Challenges and Solutions

Importance of microorganisms

The soil is the most valuable living natural resource that we have. Plants took millions of years to colonise the soil and they managed this thanks to microorganisms, which had appeared around 3 billion years previously. The microorganisms helped create a stable environment, suitable for that colonisation. Soil-plant-microorganism interactions were essential, as were the microorganisms in the soil, within the plant (endophytes), the phyllosphere, and the air, which together have come to be known as the plant microbiome.

However, since the emergence and intensification of agriculture, there has been a steady degradation of soil quality (salinisation, compaction, pollution, etc.). This has resulted in the physical and microbiological erosion of our agricultural soils, which are now in a continual state of deterioration. This environmental imbalance is leading to soil depletion, which must be reversed and we must move towards sustainability.

Progress toward a globally sustainable agricultural system involves providing farmers with new tools, technology, and know-how to produce food that is high quality, safe, and affordable, while preserving their main resource, the soil, our land.


More efficient use of water, rationalisation of the agrochemicals, and improved soil health can lead to an average increase in crop yields of 79%.


Did you know that the EU forecasts that organic farming will cover 50% of the total arable land surface by 2030?


By 2050, agricultural production must increase by 60% at the global level, and almost 100% in developing countries, simply to meet the demand for food.

Increasing the productivity of crops in this situation and regenerating the soil health is a great challenge for Ceres Biotics.

Ceres Biotics solutions

At Ceres Biotics, we use the latest biotechnology advances to study the processes of beneficial microorganisms and their natural interaction with crops. Our products help generate a healthy ecosystem, preserving and improving the life and quality of our soil.

Did you know that almost 80% of the atmosphere is nitrogen (N2)?

At Ceres Biotics, we have studied the nitrogen cycle and we contribute innovative products through our line of probiotics, like Nutribio N®, which are based on biological inoculants able to fix atmospheric nitrogen.

The limitations imposed on chemical fertiliser use, particularly nitrates, and the contamination of groundwater aquifers by excess nitrogen fertilisers, have led to a search for new solutions. Nutribio ® has been developed in view of these restrictions on chemical fertiliser use.

Did you know that more than 95% of the phosphorus applied is immobilised in the soil and not available for the plants?

In about 200 years the supply of phosphorous fertilisers will be limited by the depletion of natural phosphorous-rich resources (EUROSTAT). At Ceres Biotics we know that our soils are an alternative source of this essential element, and we select strains of phosphate solubilising bacteria. This makes our product Simbiotic highly effective at unlocking and mobilising the phosphorus and making it available to crops.

In short, a sustainable agricultural system involves improving the efficiency of fertiliser use and using new technology in crop management, including the use of probiotics and microorganisms that are beneficial for both the soil and crops. Our health, soil health, and environmental health, as well as crop productivity are all at stake.

Through pioneering biotechnology, at Ceres Biotics we develop solutions that improve fertiliser efficiency, increase the productive potential of crops, reduce environmental pollution and increase crop yields. We regenerate, revitalise, and give more life to soils with our biofertilisers and probiotics.

Did you know that Spain is the second largest fruit and vegetable exporter in the world after the United States?

Spain is a global benchmark in agriculture. We are the second largest fruit and vegetable exporter in the world. The high level of crop technology and outstanding level of our technicians is world renowned. At Ceres Biotics, our aim is to discover new biotechnological tools that allow crops to feed on what nature puts at their disposal, as well as generating more fertile and vigorous soils every day, and we put all this at the service of cutting-edge agriculture.

All our experience is at your disposal so you can find out more about the best solution for your needs.

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