Ceres Biotics inaugurates its new bioproduction plant and laboratory

Located in San Fernando de Henares, Ceres Biotics has opened its bioproduction plant and laboratory, equipped with the most modern bioprocess technology.

Ceres Biotics has inaugurated its new bioproduction plant and laboratory in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid. The new facilities are equipped with modern bioprocess technology that will enable them to become one of Europe’s leading biotechnology centres.

The production facilities will be divided into two areas. The first involves the microbiology laboratory, kitted out with all the equipment necessary to guarantee quality production and the maintenance of our strains, in addition to being able to assist the bioproduction plant in quality control tasks and scaling-up processes.

The second is the Bioproduction plant where the fermenters are located, as well as all the auxiliary equipment that makes the large-scale production of Ceres Biotics products possible. In addition, our downstream process and innovative drying technology allows us to develop formulations in a solid form, making them exceptionally stable products, involving very high concentrations of our strains and a long expiry date.

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