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Ceres Biotics is a biotechnology company focused on agriculture and specialising in sustainable solutions based on beneficial microorganisms, known as probiotics. Our knowledge and experience make us experts in soil-plant-microorganism interactions. We offer solutions that safeguard soil health and the microbiome of plants, optimise resources in a sustainable manner, respect the environment, and are safe for human health. We are highly specialised in these types of solutions, providing added value to our work.

Ceres Biotics, committed to the advancement of modern and sustainable agriculture, supports farmers and field technicians by offering innovative biotechnological tools that allow them to maintain the productivity and quality of crops, while contributing to regenerating soils as well as maintaining and increasing their long-term fertility.

Our Vision involves caring for and revitalising the rhizosphere, the only area crop roots and soils interact, through biotechnological innovation. We offer sustainable solutions based on beneficial probiotics as an alternative and/or complement to conventional chemical fertilisers. This is our way of responding to the needs of the current environment that involves an increasingly greater demand for food production and sustainability.

Consumers and distributors are becoming ever more demanding: they want to consume and market products that are healthy, safe, organic and residues, while still respecting the environment.

Farmers are demanding new technologies that will enable them to achieve high standards of productivity and sustainable production. For this reason, Ceres Biotics has a bioproduction plant and its own laboratory in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), which enables the company to develop solutions in line with current agricultural needs and the European Union’s Circular Economy Strategy.

Ceres Biotics is a specialist in using natural resources, in this case the microorganisms present in the soil and within plants (known as endophytes), as a source of raw materials in their formulations. This is intended to imitate and promote the cyclic processes that occur in the soil and its ecosystem, to achieve higher crop yields.

All our processes show that we are both consistent and passionate when it comes to Sustainable Agriculture, and we promote greater awareness of how important biological soil fertility, soil health, and regeneration are. We want to care for and maintain resources for generations to come.

Bioproduction plant and laboratory

The newly inaugurated Bioproduction plant is an example of cutting-edge biotechnology with state-of-the-art fermenters. The fermenters, along with a complete system of auxiliary equipment, allow us to monitor and control the productive process in real time. The plant is linked to a microbiology laboratory that provides assistance in quality assurance and scaling.

Our downstream process and innovative drying technology enable us to develop solid form (WP) formulations at very high concentrations compared with other products. This technology allows us to reduce the doses to be applied and makes it easier for farmers to manage the product.

Qualified team with an ambitious biotechnology project

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, agronomists, chemical engineers, and doctors in Microbiology and Biotechnology, with a long track record in the agricultural sector, in continuous contact with the field and with the will to share the challenge of sustainability with farmers and technicians.

We provide extensive technical expertise at the biotechnology and agronomy levels, as well as a wide knowledge of the national and international markets. We are experts in developing ambitious R+D+i projects aimed at improving and advancing the sector. For this, in addition to our new facilities, we collaborate with internationally renowned universities and research centres.

The company is led by Emilio Marín and Mónica Perdices, both Agricultural Engineers who together bring more than 40 years of experience in the management and direction of top, pioneering companies in the sector of specialities and solutions with high added value.

Emilio Marín, Executive MBA (IE) has extensive experience at the international level and has already successfully undertaken another agrobiotechnology project. Mónica Perdices, MSc. in Cellular Molecular Biotechnology and Genetics and an Executive Coach, has a wealth of experience in managing teams and R+D+i projects.

The bioproduction plant is under the charge of Helena Moralejo, PhD in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, who has worked for more than 10 years in the field of fermentation, at different production scales.

More than 70% of our team are doctors, microbiologists, or engineers, and they are the mainstay of our R+D+i-based project. This highly qualified network shares a passion for research, with the certainty of putting our best know-how at the service of future agricultural sustainability.

“Doing a job we like and contributing to such an important social challenge is a real privilege for us”

Mónica PerdicesR&D Director

“We are tackling innovative R&D projects including research into endophytes”


Emilio MarínGeneral Director

“Our passion is promoting the use of probiotics for the main crops of the markets in which we work”


Helena MoralejoBioprocesses Director

“We control the fermentations of probiotics to produce the highest quality”


All our experience is at your disposal so you can find out more about the best solution for your needs.

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